Coo­ling Sys­tems

Lar­ge-sca­le ref­ri­ge­ra­ti­on and air-con­di­tio­n­ing units re­qui­re me­ti­cu­lous main­ten­an­ce to en­su­re smooth ope­ra­ti­ons. Our high­ly-skil­led and qua­li­fied staff pro­vi­de high-qua­li­ty and neu­tral main­ten­an­ce and sup­port ser­vices for your ref­ri­ge­ra­ti­on and air-con­di­tio­n­ing units. IDF can fa­ci­li­ta­te
  • Plan­ning and de­ve­lop­ment of new sys­tems
  • De­li­very, as­sem­bly, dis­mant­ling and dis­po­sal
  • Main­ten­an­ce and re­pairs
  • Per­for­mance mo­ni­to­ring and re­porting
Our con­sul­ting ser­vices en­su­re that your com­pa­ny re­mains in­for­med on mat­ters such as ope­ra­tio­nal re­s­pon­si­bi­li­ty, ef­fi­ci­ent sto­r­a­ge so­lu­ti­ons, trans­port, food and be­ver­age pre­sen­ta­ti­on, sustaina­bi­li­ty, com­p­li­an­ce and com­pa­ti­bi­li­ty.
We re­com­mend up-to-date, sustainable, cost-ef­fec­tive and en­er­gy-ef­fi­ci­ent sys­tem com­po­n­ents and work prac­tices. In the event of a sys­tem mal­func­tion, you ha­ve quick and un­com­pli­ca­ted ac­cess to re­pa­ra­ti­on and main­ten­an­ce ser­vices.