Grounds Main­ten­an­ce and Ca­re­ta­king

The qua­li­fied ca­re­ta­king staff at IDF un­der­stand ex­te­ri­or struc­tu­res, sur­faces, fa­ca­des and safe­ty con­cerns. When de­ve­lo­ping a grounds main­ten­an­ce ser­vice pa­cka­ge for your or­ga­niza­t­i­on, we use mo­dern work pro­ces­ses and prio­ri­ti­ze safe­ty and dura­bi­li­ty. Let Im­mo­bi­li­en Deutsch­land Fa­ci­li­ty GmbH co­or­di­na­te a com­pre­hen­si­ve pa­cka­ge for grounds main­ten­an­ce or choo­se from a wi­de ran­ge of fle­xi­ble in­di­vi­du­al ser­vices, in­clu­ding
  • Lawn and hedge main­ten­an­ce and gar­de­ning
  • Win­ter ser­vices
  • Dri­veway and par­king hou­se clea­ning
  • Faça­de main­ten­an­ce
  • Re­mo­val of graf­fi­ti
  • Hy­dro-clea­ning
All grounds main­ten­an­ce is car­ri­ed out using com­p­li­ant equip­ment and bio­de­gra­dable clea­ning pro­ducts that com­ply with in­dus­try stan­dards for sustaina­bi­li­ty and safe­ty.