Pro­per­ty Ma­nage­ment

Im­mo­bi­li­en Deutsch­land Fa­ci­li­ty GmbH has al­re­a­dy pro­ven its­elf a mar­ket lea­der in the com­mer­ci­al, cen­ter and re­si­den­ti­al pro­per­ty ma­nage­ment sec­tors, re­co­gni­zed for qua­li­ty per­for­mance, out­stan­ding con­sul­ting and ad­mi­nis­tra­ti­on ser­vices and ex­cel­lent cust­o­m­er re­la­ti­ons. Our com­pre­hen­si­ve pro­per­ty ma­nage­ment so­lu­ti­ons in­clu­de
  • Buil­ding main­ten­an­ce
  • Ad­mi­nis­tra­ti­on
  • Let­ting
  • Le­gal ser­vices
  • Plan­ning and in­vest­ment con­sul­ting
  • Floor space ma­nage­ment
  • Rent and ser­vice char­ge su­per­vi­si­on
  • Call cen­ter ope­ra­ti­on and debt collec­tion
  • Pro­cess op­ti­miza­t­i­on