Cen­ter Ma­nage­ment

Lar­ge re­tail spaces such as malls and shop­ping cen­ters re­qui­re com­plex ma­nage­ment and sound tech­ni­cal know­ledge to en­su­re pro­cess op­ti­miza­t­i­on, cost-ef­fi­ci­en­cy and smooth dai­ly ope­ra­ti­ons. Im­mo­bi­li­en Deutsch­land Fa­ci­li­ty GmbH brings de­ca­des of skill and ex­pe­ri­ence to the fol­lo­wing are­as of cen­ter ma­nage­ment:
  • Tech­ni­cal ma­nage­ment
  • Buil­ding main­ten­an­ce
  • Floor space ma­nage­ment and op­ti­miza­t­i­on
  • Let­ting
  • On-site ten­ant ser­vices
  • Le­gal sup­port
IDF has the skil­led per­son­nel and ex­pe­ri­ence with lar­ge-sca­le ad­mi­nis­tra­ti­ve pro­ces­ses that you need to en­su­re your cen­ter is in ca­pa­ble hands.